49 Inches of Rain in One Day



No matter how you think about climate change - human-influenced or a natural cycle - the reality seems to be that events are occurring that no one has experienced previously or even thought about as real and present dangers.  Whether a killer fire that sweeps into Santa Rosa, California in the middle of the night or 49 inches of rain in 24 hours, it feels like severe weather events are becoming more of a norm.  Even in the short 3 years we have been full time Kauai residents, we have seen shifting weather patterns.  The impacts are magnified on a small remote island.  The strong community on Kauai can recover from this mess but if extreme rainfall becomes a regular event, all bets are off.  






The Best Guidebook?

There are many guidebooks for Kauai and the other islands.  Many are good; some not so good.  My favorite is Kauai Trailblazer: Where to Hike, Snorkel, Bike, Paddle, Surf.  It is available in softcover and e-book at Amazon.  The e-book is a little more up to date, with more pictures.  I refer to both versions frequently.  The book is well organized, directions are precise, and descriptions are accurate.  That means pay attention to advice about risks or cautions!  Kauai is a great place for outdoor activity but you can get in trouble fast without adequate information or preparation.  This book gets you prepared.  The book is especially recommended if you plan to extensively hike the island.  


A Really Handy Map

If you are visiting Kauai for a week or more, I recommend this map.  It packs a lot of information front and back.  The freebie map from Hawaiian Airlines at the airport is OK, but this is way better.  Get it online at https://www.envdhawaii.com/product/kauai-island-atlas-maps/ or look for it in stores around the island.  For sure it is available at Kauai Photo Tours in central Kapa'a.  

GPS on a phone is great but having a good map with nice visuals and comprehensive information is a good tool.  I refer to this map frequently . . . . .